Saturday, May 1, 2010

Why am I so rubbish at showjumping?

Took Luggage to the training show at Molan's today. 80 cms fine - one pole down, but happy with how she jumped. Decided to do the 90s - there was  a lot of hanging about in between, and perhaps both she and I got tired.

She demolished fences 2 & 3, then dumped me in 6! This is not like Luggage - she can jump 90cm spreads from a standstill if she feels like it. She refused 6 for a second time. She then got a good whack and completed the round, and the second round was fine although not exactly stylish.

I find that when I do what you are supposed to (strong seat and legs, sit upright to the last moment), horses think I want them to stop... whereas when I do what I do (bad... light seat, usually in front of the movement, very little leg during take-off phase) it all works ok. I just don't get showjumping - never have - and it never motivates me to try harder and do more. I never really enjoy showjumping lessons either - all those boring grids and canter poles that seem to bear zero relationship to actually jumping a course.

Well, at least I didn't get bucked off or mess up my knee again...

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