Social Media Courses

"Social Media Skills" is a set of two short courses offered by the Centre for Adult and Continuing Education at University College Cork.

You can read the course descriptions and enrol here:
Introductory Jan '12:  
Intermediate Jan '12:

The first course ran in spring 2010, and was great fun to teach. The students enjoyed it too - of 20 who started the course, 17 completed the anonymous final survey, of whom 9 rated it excellent, 6 very good, and one fair. One commented "one of the best, if not the best course, I have been on in years".

If you use the social bookmarking tool delicious, you can find me there as imogenbertin and follow my tags on all sorts of stuff to do with social media and digital marketing.

I also record and produce audio and video for events, and help manage social media campaigns as well as looking after online communities (community manager).

We have also had requests to run the course over weekends in four-hour slots. If you're interested, please email me -