I breed Irish sport horses and enjoy most forms of equestrian sport. I have the British Horse Society Stage I and II qualifications in Horse Care, and a Teagasc Certificate in Young Horse Handling.

I'm involved in Dressage Ireland and organise the showjumping for Belgooly Show.

I like to show my own young horses because I think it makes them much easier to break and ride later on. At the moment I have a five year old, and a two year old, and a giant 4 month-old foal that's about to get weaned. And their mum, a mad black Cavalier mare now getting on for 20 (see blog pictures).

If you need horses cared for in the Cork area, give me a call. I can groom and prepare horses for shows and hunting, feed and muck out, exercise and do basic pasture maintenance (spreading, rolling, topping, fencing).