Monday, August 2, 2010

Roberts Cove Vintage - great day!

This is the charity plant stall I did for the Roberts Cove Vintage stall yesterday. It was a lovely day - not sunny, but so clear you could see all the way to the Marathon gas rigs which are 27 miles offshore (I think...) and the derricks of the two ships anchored just offshore were reflected in the calm sea.

All I did was put a note in the Tracton Newssheet and various people kindly donated plants, as well as Carrigaline Dairygold Co-op. I'm not sure what it made for the Old School and SVP, but definitely 250 odd euros, I think.  It was a lovely day with loads of good attractions like archery thanks to Helen O'Connell. George Hook, the Newstalk and rugby presenter, opened proceedings and promised he would be back next year. The Coastguard helicopter buzzed us and the winchman waved from the door while we all waved back like idiots.

I loved the surreality of wooden chairs and pub tables in a stubble field on a headland... People waltzed and set-danced away on a dance floor made with ply on pallets until it was nearly dark. I had to rush away because we'd planned a brainstorm meeting for next year's new media courses with Dr Siobhan O'Sullivan (CIT) and Carolyn Daly (UCC), so none of that craic for me! I found out the hard way that the GPS co-ords on my website are out by about 200 yards when poor Siobhan got completely lost and ended up at Anthony Cremin's house. She was incredibly gracious about it - I felt dreadful!

Thanks to: Mary Dempsey, Helen Davis, Maura Hennessy, Brian O'Regan, Paul Adams and Maisie Taylor. Plant of the day was a stunning deep purple Streptocarpus grown by 82 year-old Sadie Smith, which I could have sold ten times over. Special thanks to Wesley Taylor of Express Tyres (also chairman of the Vintage Festival) who turned up early on a Sunday bank holiday morning to fix the puncture on my tractor so I could get there.

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