I've worked as a Personal Assistant, an Office Manager and a Stage Manager, as well as providing admin services to startup companies. I've also taught ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) and I like helping people to make technology really work for them, instead of getting in the way.

Most people have all the technology they need on their desk - they just don't have time to learn how to use it. So if you need something sorted, just ask! There are so many good tools available now and most of them are free. I research what will work for you, teach you how to use it, write you helpful notes and answer your queries when you get stuck.

- Do you need to share contacts and diaries with colleagues?
- Do you want to access your files from different computers in different places?
- Are you "good" about backups or would it be useful if someone automated the process to make sure that you do it?
- Are you spending too much time processing accounts and receipts?
- Do you dread arranging meetings? Have you tried Doodle?