Thursday, May 13, 2010

The invigorating drastic precis

I'm off to a teach-meet of the Computer Education Society of Ireland tomorrow in Thurles - see CESI was founded in the 1970s, and is mainly second level teachers but a good sprinkling of people whose interests in IT, teaching and communications overlap with their work. I think it has a brilliant mailing list where I always find loads of interesting technical and teaching tips.

I'm doing a 5-minute presentation (Powerpoint is banned) about the UCC CACE new media course. I really think these kind of interactive teach-meets where the guff is sidelined to online resources are the future of conferences. (That and TEDx of course). I am very overstretched this week but thoroughly enjoyed sitting down to precis three months work into 5 minutes this evening - really makes you think hard about what is core, and how to illustrate it without boring the pants off people. You can also register and then log in to the Flashmeeting or use the twitter hashtag #cesimeet.

Wish I had time to stay for the conference (and I'll be missing EdTech this year due to lack of time as well). Must remember that thermos of coffee for the drive home!

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