Sunday, April 25, 2010

Seeds and statistics

A great weekend as I finally got more seeds done and broke the back of the work in the veg garden.  We have four swallows this year, two in each stable. I sewed a lot of the seeds I got from the Royal Horticultural Society - that's the best benefit of membership, access to seeds harvested from the RHS gardens. I must find contact details for Damien who was on my horticulure course, works for the City Council, and is an expert at germinating difficult seeds so that I can give him the remainders.

Today I'm starting work in the Central Statistics Office for nine months. Can't tell you anything more than that as I shall be covered under the relevant secrecy laws... I always wanted to do statistics (ok I know that's weird...) and enjoyed that part of socio-economic research. And where's my motorbike when I want it for commuting, John Sweeting?

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