Monday, May 14, 2012

Great videos for social media and communications teaching

I love email lists. Find a good one, and they can still work better than facebook groups or Google Plus... Recently, I posted this set of links on the list run by the Association for Learning Technology where I've received so much useful information in the past. It got a great response, so I thought I'd blog it. They are in no particular order. - PBS video about
Kickstarter and Creative Commons - Tesco augmented reality -
3D views of consumer electronics for home shoppers!
Avi Rubin - all your devices can be hacked - Luis von Ahn - massive
online collaboration (Captcha) -
Brands as seen by a 5 year old -
Why Siri can take over the world (from Google) - Eli Pariser beware online
filter bubbles -
IBM on the Internet of things - Makerbot. - Star Walk app -
Mickey Mouse brings (AR) magic to New York city - Sugata Mitra's
experiments in self-teaching -
How search works (Matt Cutts) - Alex Ohnanian - Mr Splashy Pants. Explains how things spread on social media.

Anything by Commoncraft / Lee Lefebvre in their "in Plain English" series eg

Social Media
Cloud Computing
Social Bookmarking

Anything by Michael Wesch / KSU but definitely - A vision of students today - The Machine is Us/ing Us - An anthropological
introduction to YouTube - Jonathan Harris of Cowbird. Really insightful views on where communication is heading and how he'd like to change it at 8 minutes in.

Hope these help... and of course not forgetting the Big Daddy: -
RSA Sir Ken Robinson

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